Coffey Modica O’Meara Capowski LLP’s unique culture and business practices were highlighted in the recently published Law360 article, “Defense Boutique Finds Success Outside Old Firm Model.”  The article focuses on the firm’s explosive growth – the addition of more than 20 attorneys – since it opened its doors in September of last year. The most significant being Tim Capowski and his team, partners Sofya Uvaydov and John (Jack) Watkins, and four associates. It also was the first formal announcement of the firm’s name change from Coffey Modica O’Meara to Coffey Modica O’Meara Capowski and the opening of its offices in Buffalo and on Long Island. 

In the article, Juliann O’Meara, managing partner, and Tim explain that their “new [post-pandemic] firm” model encompasses a hybrid work plan, a focus on mentoring and training, and transparency in compensation, growth, and goals. Tim also mentioned in the interview that this kind of transparency will help eliminate gender inequity within the legal sector. He also explained the benefits of the firm’s forward-thinking appellate practice: 

[The appellate practice] has evolved over the last two decades to the point where we can do so much more for our clients at the outset of claims [such as] evaluating, consulting and litigating motions during the course of discovery and advising how to better set up a summary judgment motion by making sure you have all the evidentiary predicates you need.

The entire article is available on Law360. (Subscription required)